5 Reasons We Love The Whiskey Jack and Why We Made Him Our Mascot

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If you’ve been to the Alberta Rockies, you’ve almost certainly encountered a whiskey jack (also known as the Canada Jay), a robin-sized songbird that inhabits our boreal forest. These tiny bandits stage daring raids on picnics and trail snacks, and have been known to work closely with squirrels in tourist cinnamon bun shakedowns. For many visitors, they’re the mischievous face of the forest, but that’s not (exactly) why we chose the whiskey jack as the face of Evolve Retreat Co.

Here’s why we we’ve embraced the spirit of the whiskey jack as our own ethos:

1. They’re tough.

Unlike lots of faint-hearted birds, the whiskey jacks don’t migrate.They stay here all winter, raise their young in the cold and the snow, and make the best of it. Anyone who’s bravely donned snowshoes or skis or skates to get out there and enjoy the bright glory of an Alberta winter’s day will recognize a kindred spirit.

2. They’re smart.

Whiskey jacks are members of the corvidae family—crows and magpies and ravens are among their cousins—and are basically the rocket scientists of the bird world. They can count and remember faces. They solve problems. They enjoy a good joke. We like the way they engage with their surroundings and figure out a better way to get things done.

3. They’re social.

Whiskey jacks form life-long bonds and have never met a group of hikers that they didn’t want to join (preferably for a snack or two).

4. They appreciate good food.

Every single member of the Evolve team has (willingly or unwillingly) shared our breakfasts, lunches, and dinners with whiskey jacks. We like to think it’s because we insist on food that’s both nutritious and delicious. As we said, whiskey jacks are smart.

5. They know how to dial it down.

While their everyday exuberant “whee ah” and the adorable “chuck chuck” calls are more common, whiskey jacks also sing what is called a “whisper song.” This long sequence of soft sounds is one of the loveliest melodies you’ll hear in the Alberta forests. It always reminds us to stop for a moment, take a deep breath and appreciate the quiet beauty all around us.

Let us introduce you!

Canadians across this nation love the whiskey jack; in fact, it’s our unofficial national bird. At Evolve Retreat Co., we like to think that we share its resolve and joy, creative thinking and community, the way it shows up for everything and leaves a smile behind. Join us on our next retreat and we promise to introduce you.

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