Evolve Your Diet in 5 Simple Steps

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Evolve Your Diet in 5 Simple Steps

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The nutrition team at Evolve Retreat Co. will teach you to take the fight out of food. Whether it’s confusing food fads, stress and emotion behind food choices, specific digestive woes or chronic conditions, our experts will show you how easy it is to be healthy and satisfied.

At Evolve, our chef and nutrition team curate seasonal menus that are:

  • Delicious!
  • Chosen for their restorative properties
  • Sufficient to fuel the body’s energy, metabolic, brain and hormonal needs
  • Absent of artificial ingredients (preservatives, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavours, food additives, etc.), refined sugar and common food sensitivities (gluten and dairy)
  • Helpful in demonstrating which foods to eat, at which times, in which portions

Evolve’s Registered Dietitian, Melissa Goldsmith, and Chef Chris Murphy share their top 5 tips on from Evolve’s Kitchen — with an example of a delicious meal served on our upcoming retreat: Peanut Crusted Supreme of Chicken, Rice Vermicelli with Spring Vegetable, and Mango Salad with Miso Vinaigrette.

Chicken is a lean protein that provides minimal fat and optimal nutritional value. It provides a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that can help with stress and anxiety, anaemia, eyesight, boosting the immune system, cell protection, growth and regeneration, and much more. This dish demonstrates how a variety of fruits and vegetables can come together to create something truly amazing.

Getting the Whole Story on Whole Foods

Our retreat menu is filled with whole foods. It is as simple as that. We prepare delicious fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, legumes, poultry, meat and seafood. By presenting a diet that resembles the rainbow, we help you make the most of all the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that nature has to offer.

Fermented Foods for Gut Health

Miso is an ingredient to highlight in this meal. It is made from fermenting soy and barley or rice. It provides the body with probiotics which:

  • Make compounds that keep harmful bacteria from spreading and causing infection
  • Stimulate the gut’s immune system
  • Help the body digest food
  • Metabolize certain vitamins
  • Break down toxins
  • May help prevent colon cancer

Miso is also an excellent source of protein, rich in calcium and iron, and there is promising evidence in its ability to prevent prostate cancer.

O-Mega Good For You

Let’s not forget about Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Ideally, we should consume a diet with an omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio of 1:1. Today that ratio is about 16:1! Serious health consequences of this imbalance include cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, mental health disturbances, obesity, diabetes, and inflammation. At Evolve, we will show you how to achieve improved balance using heart- healthy omega-3 fatty acid sources such as salmon, walnuts and chia seeds.

Clean Food is Real Delicious!

Real food can remove toxicity, restore vitality, and reduces illness. But make no mistake, this clean food is anything but boring! This is where our gourmet chefs work their magic. By combining various cooking methods and flavour combining, our chefs demonstrate for our guests the amazingly decadent flavour profiles achieved with real food – all while gently and naturally cleansing the body.

Try the recipe yourself and let us know what you think!


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Gourmet Clean Eating & Nutrition With Evolve

At Evolve, we are passionate about crafting extraordinary menus that are rich in natural, whole foods and herbs and contain no artificial substances.. Developed by our chef, dieticians and nutritionists, you can expect meals prepared with seasonal, organic, locally available ingredients with no added refined sugar, salt, or dairy. Beautiful, delicious and so, so good for you—the food we serve is meticulously prepared to fuel both body and soul. Come join an upcoming retreat and find out what Evolve tastes like for yourself.

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