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Everyone remembers their first. First best friend, first big failure, first big success, first kiss…

Our team at Evolve Retreat Co. was feeling this first-time magic as we set out to host our inaugural retreat at Azuridge in the last week of May. We invited two large groups of wellness seekers to take a chance and experience what we have to offer.

While we didn’t know exactly what to expect, this being full of firsts, we went in with open minds, open hearts, and arrived ready to share our collective passion for our mission: to give people the tools and knowledge to sustain a lifetime’s focus on wellbeing. A skill set focussed on nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, yoga, adventure, connection, relaxation, and growth.

What we hadn’t thought of was that many of our guests were coming to us to experience their own “firsts”:

  • New moms taking time for themselves for the first time since the baby arrived
  • Reformed couch potatoes taking the first steps toward fitness and wellness
  • Newly retired people looking to make a healthful start to their new life
  • People recovering from illness and in need of restorative yoga and stress management
  • Honeymooners starting their new lives with a big adventure
  • Adventure seekers looking for a new experience
  • Solo travelers ready to make new friends
  • Husband’s dragged along by their wives (and astoundingly happy once they got there)

We learned that people everywhere these days have a thirst for change, for personal renewal and for a way to live more authentically in their bodies and in this world. Whether you come to us to learn more about health, to experience wellness living, to play, to have adventures, to meet new people, to reconnect with old friends, or to simply have a chance to slow down and reassess your life’s trajectory, we can create a special “first” experience that will both honour and sustain your commitment.

So, if you’re asking yourself if an Evolve retreat is right for you: Yes. The answer is yes.  Even if you’re gluten-free, sleep-deprived, afraid of bears, think you aren’t flexible enough for yoga, and aren’t usually outside for more than the ten minutes it takes you to walk from the parking lot to your office. Take the chance, join us, change your life. Take the first step!


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