Getting Fit: Tommy Europe’s 5 Rules for Life-long Wellness

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At Evolve Retreat Co. we are blessed to have the most amazing fitness leader in the country.  Canada’s fitness expert, Tommy Europe,  inspires many everyday to work hard physically and leave the excuses behind.  Best known as the tough love television host of the “The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp,” Tommy Europe is has helped thousands of people worldwide improve their health, increase motivation and become more productive at work and in life. Here are a few tips he implements with our retreaters and to those out there willing to step up to their #journeytowellness.

  1. Identify Your Motivation – Why exactly do you want to change your body at this specific time in your life? Think about it until you can state a very clear, very specific reason. Keep this reason top of mind in everything you do.


  1. Focus – Focus on one goal or milestone that will help you stay motivated. Start small, build the habit, and then conquer a big goal.  Write your goal down, tell everyone (it’ll keep you honest!)–and enjoy the process.


  1. Do Your Homework – You need to eat properly and in portions that will fuel your workout.  You need to exercise  smart in order to achieve your fitness goal.  Research tried and true techniques and avoid fad diets. Remember: science is your friend.


  1. Get Stronger – Build muscle, increase your strength,and lose fat. If you’re a woman and concerned that you will “bulk up,” don’t worry: what will actually happen is that your arms, abs and legs will become tighter, leaner and more defined.


  1. Learn to Love Compound Movements – A compound movement is a multi-joint movement (like a dumbbell lunge or barbell squat) that recruits large portions of the body–not just single muscles– to complete the exercise. This means that you get a greater result more quickly.

Tommy Europe is your fitness host at Evolve Retreat Co.  Join Tommy Europe for an all-inclusive health and wellness retreat to remember in the spectacular Canadian Rockies. Get a fresh outlook on your health and fitness and learn how to live your best possible life.

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