Hanging On and Letting Go: Confessions of a Middle Aged Yoga Virgin

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At Evolve, we have the pleasure of doing what we love, sharing what we love and working with some pretty talented people. One such person is our wordsmith and copy-writer Lorraine. Words are what she does. Yoga is not. However, we invited Lorraine to participate in an Evolve Retreat to get a taste for what she would be writing about. Before she joined us, she bravely signed herself up for her very first ever yoga class. Here’s what she had to say about the experience. And as a little foreshadowing – she came to our retreat and now “Yoga’s” regularly. This is why we love what we do… 

Hanging On and Letting Go: Confessions of a Middle Aged Yoga Virgin

Last week, as I rolled out my mat and towel at the neighbourhood yoga studio, I happened to glance across the darkened room, where I discovered The Goddess of Yoga standing firmly on her left foot, her right grasped behind her head. Those legs were the Platonic idea of legs. Her hair was caught up in a tousled bun that Princess Meghan would have envied. I am pretty sure that her leggings cost more than my car. Despite holding a pose that an acrobatic flamingo might have found challenging, The Goddess did not wiggle. Not even a little bit.

I flopped down, middle-aged and stressed out, in the track pants I’ve been wearing since high school and my son?s Spiderman t-shirt. The sigh that I sighed there in my dim corner, near the handrails just in case there would be any attempts at Tree Pose later on, was not about letting go, it was about hanging on.

Hanging on to thoughts like these:

  1. I am the oldest person in this room.
  2. I am easily the creakiest person in this room.
  3. Cat Cow? More like Fat Cow.
  4. What kind of person cannot hold a plank for 3 seconds?
  5. I bet they all call me Sweaty McSweaty Pants behind my back.
  6. What?s the point? It?s too late to change at my age.

The thing about yoga, though, is that it works whether or not you’re 100% ready to let it work. I moaned and griped (inwardly) through finding my strong seat, relaxing my shoulders, unfurrowing my brow. I complained and protested about chair pose (My kneecaps are disintegrating?). Pigeon pose seemed a cruel joke (I will never get myself out of this one?). But the whole time, I was, of course, breathing and stretching, breathing and opening up, breathing and relaxing. By the time we were doing the dreaded Tree Pose, I was so caught up in the mindful business of breathing that I didn’t have space to judge myself for taking hold of the barre when I felt I was on the verge of tipping over. I met my own eyes in that mirror and I saw a middle-aged person showing up for herself, someone in the very moment of making a change. Someone hanging on for dear life to what is important and letting the rest of it go.

Yoga and Meditation 

At Evolve, we understand that an integral part of learning and evolving requires a calm and receptive mind. Let our dedicated yoga and meditation instructors offer insight into how your mind and body work and how these practices can relieve stress, keep the mind sharp and improve overall well-being.  Every Evolve retreat will combine a variety different approaches to the wisdom of yoga and meditation and share practical tips to help you incorporate them into your daily routine. Have a look at our upcoming retreats to see how you can incorporate these skills into your everyday routine.

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