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Our body gives us countless subtle signs when it needs some extra attention.   To mark Nutrition Month, we’d like to share a few very common complaints that might be improved, or even corrected, by adjusting your diet.

Oral health complaints, like cracks at the corners of the mouth, thinning enamel or tongue sores: These could be signs or symptoms of Vitamin B, iron or zinc deficiency and/or not enough protein.

Hair loss: The thyroid is often blamed, but the culprit could also be a deficiency of Vitamin B, which is the cornerstone of cell metabolism. Eggs, whole grains, fruits and vegetables might help.

Skin complaints, like red or white acne – like bumps on cheeks, arms, thighs or backside.  These could be signs of an essential fatty acid deficiency. We recommend foods rich in Omega 3s, like salmon, chia seeds and walnuts.

Tingling, prickling or numbness in hands or feet: This could indicate a deficiency of folate, B6 or B12.  Vegetarians have an increased risk of vitamin B12 deficiency because this vitamin is usually bound to protein in animal products. The only reliable vegetarian sources of B12 are foods fortified with B12 (including fortified plant milks, some soy products and nutritional yeast).  Good plant sources of Vitamin B would be spinach, asparagus or beets.

Muscle cramps: This could indicate a magnesium, calcium or potassium deficiency. Fact almost 80% of North Americans could be magnesium deficient.  Increase the dark green leafy vegetables in your diet, adding pumpkin seeds or Brazil nuts. Leafy greens are easy to get into your diet daily.

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