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The Evolve Retreat Co. wellness team has one mission: to improve your health and well-being through education, lived experiences, encouragement and support. We believe passionately that we can help you achieve your goals. Our highly trained wellness professionals will support and motivate you on your journey to wellness.

Our Wellness Program


Movement Specialists

  • Marin MCcue
    Marin MCcue Yoga & Mindset Coach

    Marin is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor, spin teacher, mind-body coach, and author of “Be the Change“. Marin has created a life that is grounded in elevating the lives of others through inspiration and leadership. Her motivational speeches will light you up.

  • Tommy Europe
    Tommy Europe Celebrity Fitness Trainer

    Best known as the tough love television host of the “The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp,” Tommy Europe is Canada’s most recognized and sought-after fitness coach, having helped thousands of people worldwide improve their health, increase motivation and become more productive at work and in life.

  • Kristen Stuart
    Kristen Stuart Yoga & Adventure Guide

    A Canmore local, Kristen draws inspiration from the wild and dynamic surroundings of the Canadian Rockies. She is Certified Personal Trainer, ACMG Hiking Guide, Yoga + Meditation Teacher and Lifestyle Coach, and has been exploring movement medicine with passion and purpose for over 15 years.

Keynote Speakers

  • Dr. Jody Carrington
    Dr. Jody Carrington Clinical Psychologist

    Dr. Jody Carrington is a clinical psychologist who has worked in different parts of our country over the past 15 years talking a lot about one thing: Relationships. Her most recent focus has been speaking to leaders, organizations, and parents across this great country about the importance of connection.

  • Tammy Robertson
    Tammy Robertson Leadership Coach

    Tammy Robertson is a leadership coach, author, and professional speaker. She inspires and challenges you to step into your Best Life – to be purposeful and passionate – to slow down – to get a grip, tune in and have faith. Tammy leads up our Workplace Wellness Program inspiring guests to “Get their heart in the game.”

  • Simone Brown
    Simone Brown

    Simone Brown is a certified emotional intelligence practitioner and a performance architect. Her unique approach to creating behavioural shifts leverages neuroscience and brain-based strategies. Simone’s work is rooted in frameworks proving that success isn’t just about talent and smarts but about mindset and attitude.

  • Dr. Theodora Lo
    Dr. Theodora Lo

    Specializing in natural, non-toxic therapies, Dr. Lo focuses on establishing trust with each patient and teaches positive changes in health, attitudes and behaviours. Using techniques that are integrated with the science and knowledge of today’s health concerns, Dr. Lo will help you successfully create a healthier, more balanced life.

  • Brent Bishop
    Brent Bishop

    Brent is a national on-air fitness expert (CityLine), celebrity trainer, published author. With over 20 years experience inspiring people of all levels to demand more of themselves through fitness and personal development – Brent is passionate about outdoor pursuits and eco-tourism and loves to use the natural environment on retreat as his playground.

Outdoor Adventure Guides

  • Ronna Schneberger
    Ronna Schneberger Naturalist & Hiking Guide

    Ronna is a speaker, coach, yoga & meditation teacher and professional naturalist and hiking guide. She is one of the first people in Canada to guide the simple yet powerful practice of Shinrin Yoku. Ronna has been working with, leaders, professionals, and executives using nature as the teacher to create powerful reflections and transformation.

  • Eric Ostopkevich
    Eric Ostopkevich Climbing & Hiking Guide

    Eric has spent the last 15 years exploring the mountains of Western Canada, the United States and Europe. He is an internationally certified mountain guide who sees guiding as a way to help our guests explore their personal limits, while experiencing the beauty of nature. His enthusiasm and energy are endless and truly contagious.

  • Sarah Harvie
    Sarah Harvie Yoga & Adventure Guide

    A lifelong adventurer, Sarah has been leading backpacking, backcountry skiing, whitewater canoeing and rafting expeditions for over two decades. Combine this with her advanced training in CranioSacral Therapy, Massage Therapy, Yoga (RYT-500), and Yoga Nidra and you have a guide to both inner and outer landscapes.

Culinary Team

  • Melissa Goldsmith
    Melissa Goldsmith Registered Dietitian

    Melissa is a Registered Dietitian who strongly believes in preventing and treating medical conditions with healthy living education and specifically tailored diets. She believes that real health starts with real food and ensures that our guests receive the education and tools they need to live a healthier lifestyle once they’ve returned home.

  • Chris Murphy
    Chris Murphy Chef

    With 19 years of industry experience and his Canadian Chef de Cuisine (CCC), Chris is passionate local and seasonal ingredients – ensuring the highest level of nutrients and flavour in every dish. Chris attended our very first Evolve Retreat and since then, has been instrumental in developing Evolve’s clean eating menu, adding his own flair with delicious results.

  • Yvette Styner
    Yvette Styner Nutrition Consultant

    Yvette is a fitness professional and science-based holistic Certified Nutrition Consultant. An ambassador of natural health and athletics, her approach involves a comprehensive assessment of your physiology, goals, and circumstances to produce customized and actionable plans for sustainable results.

Executive Team

  • Alison Mair
    Alison Mair Marketing Manager

    Avid traveler, adventure seeker, and story-teller, Ali is pleased to be combining her passions with her day job – marketing. With over 15 years of International experience, Ali is responsible for telling the Evolve Retreat Co story to the world and inviting the world to join us.

  • Tina Green
    Tina Green Retreat Coordinator

    A healthcare professional by education, but an experience-maker at heart, Tina is the first point of contact when you book your retreat. She will be on the ground when you arrive and is responsible for all of the details in between. Tina combines her love for new experiences, new people and planning into her dream role with Evolve Retreat Co.

  • Lauren Price
    Lauren Price Creative Designer

    A Public Relations graduate and passionate creative designer, Lauren specializes in capturing and communicating brand essence. Her eagerness for adventure, dedication to health, and passion for clean and healthy eating makes her an invaluable asset to the Evolve Retreat Co. team.

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Evolve Retreat Co. wants to be an essential part of your journey to wellness. Whether you are beginning, need to break through your wellness ceiling, or are simply looking for a new approach, our retreats integrate fitness, nutrition, self-care, motivation, and educational seminars designed to address individual needs, and led by world-class experts.


Whether it’s the Rocky Mountains or the inner landscapes of your mind, we are explorers. We’re always learning, always pushing boundaries—and always up for the next adventure.


In everything we do, we work to elevate the experience. Our retreats are luxurious, our customer service is exceptional, and the community we’ve created is engaging and inspiring. Our goal is to elevate our guests’ outlook on life.


We believe in growth and change. We help people take steps large and small in a daily journey toward wellness.

Partners & Collaborators

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