Spring Resolutions. Press that Reset Button

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Spring Resolutions. Press That Reset Button.
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So, here we are, Spring! Just checking in to see how are those New Year’s resolutions holding up?

Yeah. I know.

Let me be the first to reassure you: all is not lost. Let this month be your reset month. Give yourself an opportunity to revisit the goals you set out to achieve in January. “New Year, new me!” was the motto of your conquer-the-world ambition. And then, well, you got a little side-tracked and some things (some very worthy, important and consequential things) still aren’t quite conquered. But even the loftiest of resolutions (like losing 10 lbs) does not have to fall by the wayside simply because a few months have passed without the results you were hoping for. Growth happens in stages and phases, and your next growth-spurt awaits. Achieving the goals you set on that bright New Year’s Day is entirely possible. . . that is, if you follow a few basic guidelines:

1. Write your goals down

Keep track of your progress. Create a chart to track your goals, and work on them every day. Taking small steps will help hold your interest and will also ensure that you move surely (even if slowly), towards your goal. Visualize your successful outcome in great detail. This is the only way to keep that motivation going over a long period of time – be internally motivated!

2. Tell everyone you know

Don’t keep your intentions to yourself! It’s harder to abandon a dream when you know that others are also tracking your progress. At the family practice I work at, one of the first questions we ask our clients each year is: “What is your goal?” Think of friends and family who truly want to see you succeed–it will help keep you on track. Get a workout partner or a goal buddy. Encourage your husband or wife or kids to join in your goal. Surround yourself with motivators.

3. Enjoy the process

To refuel your efforts, focus on enjoying the step-by-step process of getting to the goal, rather than just eyeing the finish line. We need to learn to embrace the space between where you are now and where you desire to be, because this moment, right now, is your life, so enjoy it. Reward yourself not just at the end, but along the way. And remember: if your process is by chance not a pleasant one, use that fact to recall the personal meaning or bigger purpose behind the actions. Don’t give up! Push yourself beyond your comfort zone because this is the only way to achieve what you set out to do.

At Evolve, we want to support you in creating the life (and the YOU) that you desire. We just set our next few dates for our wellness retreats, and we want you to be a part of what we have created.

In summary

Get started. Set a clear goal and outcome, including the timeline. Make it pleasurable, be patient, reward yourself, have fun, keep a daily journal of your goal, be internally committed, always think positively, break down your tasks into small steps, and join us for a retreat to generate the positive momentum and tools you need to create the change you desire.

You are farther along than you realize. Reset and recommit!

And if you need a helping hand, join us on any one of our upcoming retreats or wellness workshops. 


Evolve Retreat Co. Ingemaud GerberBy Dr Ingemaud Gerber. Co-Founder and Medical Director of Evolve Retreat C.

Ingemaud is a family physician with a keen interest in a preventative/proactive approach to medicine, with a focus on lifestyle intervention. Ingemaud is focussed on ensuring each guest leaves with the tools, knowledge and motivation to increase their health span and improve their quality of life.

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