Reaching a Collective Mountain High

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Reaching a Collective Mountain High

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We recently had the good fortune to host a remarkable group of wellness seekers for mountain-moving experience. Under the expert guidance of Evolve’s own Sarah Harvie, we invited our multi-day retreat guests to join up with our Day of Wellness workshop guests to take part in a first-of-its-kind, mountain-side Kundalini-Nidra session. Set in Kananaskis, on the playing fields adjacent to Crosswaters Resorts, with Mount Kidd, Mount Bogart, and Mount Galatea as the backdrop, the scene was set.

Here’s how it all unfolded.

The Rocky Mountains, yoga, meditation, breath, music and laughter: these were the essential ingredients for the Nidra & Cello component of the most recent Evolve experience at Crosswaters Resort.

Original Evolve Team member Sarah Harvie led the session: a first-of-its-kind combination of Yoga Nidra, live cello, a stunning mountain setting and 50 participants—many of them doing yoga for the first time in their lives.  Sarah sought out a talented cellist, Erin Beach, to collaborate with because the cello is said to resonate most closely to the human voice and can help people drop into meditation and their bodies.  

Evolvekananaskis22“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Evolve since its inception in 2017.  I’m proud to call myself an Evolve Team member as we continue to deliver transformative experiences.  In May, the alchemy came together.  The ingredients were all there: the breathtaking mountain backdrop, the moving beat of Erin’s Cello, the 50+ retreat guests practising in synch, all topped off with glorious sunshine and a cool mountain breeze.  We were all feeding off each other and experienced the Collective Mountain High.”  Explains Sarah Harvie.

In a peak experience, the entire group performed a challenging Kundalini yoga posture, with arms above the head, for an entire 5 minutes, as Erin helped synchronize breathing with the cello. 

“I had tried this posture in a previous yoga class and managed to keep my arms up for a maximum of 20 seconds. The power of the group energy, the mountain view, and the beat of the cello made it feel like I was floating. It felt effortless to keep my arms up above my head.” Jude Wiggins, Evolve Participant from the U.K.

The second part of the session was Yoga Nidra or the Yoga of Sleep. This guided meditation leads one into a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping.  Participants lay down on their mats to relax and enjoy. Sarah’s voice and Erin’s cello guided them on a journey of visuals inspired by the location.  Evolve Day of Wellness Yoga Nidra

Everything you said resonated with me.  I was hearing everything you were saying but it was in the distance, landing deep in my consciousness.  My body started to tingle then I “woke up” and I could feel my heartbeat more clearly than ever.  If that is what meditation feels like, then I’ve been missing out!” Monica Czapla, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Most of the participants came on the Evolve Retreat for the fitness components. After this Yoga Nidra & cello session, many told us how energized and grounded they felt. Over the next few days, participants enjoyed the early morning yoga classes and many left with a newfound interest in these introspective practices. Some even made a commitment to a daily meditation practice at home.  

The consensus.

That amazing view, the beautiful music and the incredible group energy will stick with all of us! The ability to surpass our limits and see that we are much stronger than our minds let us believe was as crystal clear as the sky that afternoon in Kananaskis. 

To experience your own peak experience, join us on one of our upcoming retreats.


Yoga and Meditation 

At Evolve, we understand that an integral part of learning and evolving requires a calm and receptive mind. Let our dedicated yoga and meditation instructors offer insight into how your mind and bodywork and how these practices can relieve stress, keep the mind sharp and improve overall well-being.  Every Evolve retreat will combine a variety of different approaches to the wisdom of yoga and meditation and share practical tips to help you incorporate them into your daily routine. Have a look at our upcoming retreats to see how you can incorporate these skills into your everyday routine.

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