The Truth About Corporate Retreats: They Don’t Have to Suck

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The Truth About Corporate Retreats: They Don’t Have to Suck

Spring! It’s finally spring! You and your team made it through the winter, through the endless darkness, the snow and the cold, the cars that wouldn’t start, the business meetings that kept being cancelled because no one wanted to go outside, the super-sad lunch room crammed with dispirited accountants.

You know what you all need now? You need to change that wintery perspective, freshen up your ideas, renew your sense of purpose. Get the blood flowing to those brains again. Strengthen your team bonds. It’s time for a corporate retreat.

Be honest:

Were you just flooded with traumatic memories of last year’s retreat? Did they make your team compete to make a lasagne that best represented your corporate values, walk blindfold through a minefield of old tires, or bounce around gracelessly on a high-ropes course?

Take a nice deep breath (more on that in a minute). There’s a kinder, more beautiful way to build a team.

You could offer your dedicated, brilliant people a genuinely meaningful experience that strengthens their relationship not only with their teammates but also with their very best selves. You could gift them the time, space and expert instruction that will help them realize their specific wellness goals and increase their mindfulness. You could improve their work lives—and your business—by helping them improve their personal lives.

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You and your business are not alone in wanting to do something out of the ordinary to inspire employees and to tackle wellness in the workplace. More and more forward looking companies are realizing the importance of investing in the mental health of their employees. In fact, according to The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, a whopping 21.4% of the working population in Canada currently experience mental health problems and illnesses. 30% of all short and long term disability claims are the result of mental health, costing Canadians $50 Billion in health care, lost time, and work disruptions.

Let’s get specific:

You could gather in a quiet pine forest in the Rockies and learn how to stretch out the stress that winter brought with it. Walk through alpine meadows and watch for the first flowers, the first young deer. Remember what it’s like to move freely outside, in the sun, in a breeze that doesn’t hurt your face. Get everyone’s hearts pumping again with the excitement of adventures—hiking, yoga, mountain biking, trail riding—customized just for them. All supported by an elite international team of chefs, dieticians, nutritionists, trainers, physicians and lifestyle mentors.

You could give your team the gift of an experience they’ll actually look back on with a genuine smile. That’s how you build a team: from the inside out.

Workplace Wellness Retreats 

Evolve Retreat Co. is pleased to offer forward-thinking firms the opportunity to increase the health, wellness and job satisfaction of their employees. From stress management workshops to nutritional guidance, from relaxing massage to invigorating mountain hikes, Evolve Retreat Co. will help you take beautiful care of your most important asset – your employees. Let’s talk about tailoring the perfect retreat for your team. Find out more.

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