Training to Be a Better Mom

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Training to Be A Better Mom

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Being a mom isn’t easy. The idea of being a physically fit mom can sometimes seem laughable. And being a mom who takes care of herself and lives with positive intentions can seem completely impossible.

The decision to become a healthier and fitter version of yourself is just that: it starts with an intention, followed by a decision. That first decision, that first step, is vital. Because if you change nothing, nothing changes. Make your health and fitness a priority in your life, and the details will fall into place.

If you’re worried that putting yourself first in this way is selfish, know that your family and your loved ones will also benefit from a healthier you. When you take good care of yourself, you can show up for others in a more vibrant, energized and productive way.

It’s also a chance to show–and not just tell–your children how to live a healthy life. Somebody recently told me that her adult children remember how hard she tried to stay fit when they were still at home. They remember her trying to fit in a run wherever she can. And they admire her for being such a good role model.

It might seem like a contradiction, but when you take the time to train, you actually get more done in a day. You are more alert and focused, and more in tune with your body. You actually feel more energetic. You burn off your frustrations and get a better perspective on your problems. And once those happy hormones (endorphins) kick in, you’ll be in a much better mood–even if you’re faced with multiple insane requests about band practice, carpooling and homework.

To make it easier for you to commit to your wellness journey, it helps to have some practical things in place:

Peer Pressure

It’s much easier to stick to your workouts when you have a friend who is counting on you to be there. Having someone waiting for you and texting you the night before to make arrangements for your training date is the best motivation.


Get your workout clothes ready the night before so that you can get into them before you’re even fully awake.

Set Goals

Get clear on what you want, whether it’s lost inches or a certain number of days you are planning to be active. Because–hard truth time–you will hit that plateau with your weight loss. You will get those days when you don’t feel like training. So set those goals and stick to them as best you can. The secret here is consistency. Did you know that if you slack from Friday to Sunday, you are slacking 42% of the week? It’s simple but oh-so-powerful math.

And whatever you do, don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself with others. This is the part where it’s 100% okay to get selfish; focus on your own personal performance and remind yourself every day that, yes, you may not be there yet, but you are definitely closer than you were the day before. Closer to being a better–saner, happier, more resilient–you.  

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