Why Evolve?

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Why Evolve?

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Evolve Retreat Co. is more than a wellness experience. Not only do we whisk you away from your daily routine, but we are a group of passionate wellness professionals and clinicians ready to educate, inspire, and elevate you to see what your life could be like with optimal mental and physical health. Our mission is to improve your health and wellbeing through education, lived experiences, encouragement and support.

We know it can be confusing and overwhelming to look at the many facets of a healthy lifestyle, so we make it simple for you. We’re here to remind you about the first small steps that will keep you on the path to wellness once you get back home. We’re here to help you change your life. You can do it.

But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve had the privilege of working with many people who came to our retreats at various levels of health, physical abilities–and have learned to embrace positive change and to evolve.

Here are two of their stories.

Meet Michelle Murphy and El Wing

Michelle and her husband joined us at our first-ever retreat, where they celebrated their tenth anniversary. “I wanted to work toward health and wellness,” says Michelle, “I and knew that if we did it together, it would make it a lot more fun and easier to stick with it.”

El joined us for the Day of Wellness event in February 2019; she was attracted to us because, as she says, “I liked the concept of a retreat that focused on a broader range of topics, presented by various experts in different fields. It was also an opportunity for me to centre and focus on myself for a change.”

We asked them both what their key takeaways were from their experiences, and felt goosebumps listening to the inspiration in their words.

Michelle: “I learned from Tommy Europe that even on my “off days” I can still be active and move my body in many ways. I learned that every little bit counts, and if I focus on moving my body daily, I create consistency in my routine.

“I learned from Marin McCue that even if I just lie down in Savasana, engaging in a Yoga Nidra practice, I am gifting my body what it needs. The more “passive” styles of yoga are so important, different than the typical power yoga, because it is vital to slow down and be in the moment with my breath. I don’t need to be going “all out” every day in the gym, and when I actually listen to my body and slow down, I am able to do a lot more in my day.

“I learned that it is the small steps that guide me towards the goals I have set. When I can repeat something daily, I am able to build the momentum I need to keep going.”

El: “I used to struggle with meditating and being at ease with silence. I embrace them now.  Yoga Nidra has been an incredible experience for me; I would not have tried it on my own, but I loved it and even went to another of Sarah Harvie’s workshops to learn more.

“I learned that I don’t have to make a big deal out of exercising and meditating, but that I needed to carve out a little here and there and it will add up. A little is better than nothing and I can then build on it once it becomes a habit. I’m definitely calmer, more compassionate and mentally stronger than before attending that Day of Wellness.”

When asked what advice they have for future participants, both Michelle and El started with “come with an open mind.” El went on to say, “you will learn about areas you might not have even considered before. This is an opportunity to build on your own strengths.”

Michelle added: “This is a unique experience for each person, and you do not need to do it all to get the benefit you are seeking. Allow it to be your unique experience and know that you are in a safe space, with people who do not judge you and are in it with you. You are welcome to come and grow.”

When considering whether our retreat or workshops are what you need, reflect on what areas of your life you feel you lack support or depth in, or perhaps you simply want to celebrate with a loved one by treating yourselves to wellness. We would love to host you at one of our upcoming retreats, workshops, or one-day events.

Evolve Retreat Co is Canada’s premier all-inclusive luxury health & wellness retreat for personalized fitness, yoga, nutrition, gourmet healthy cuisine & adventure in the Canadian Rockies. Evolve Retreat provides guests with the skills, knowledge and motivation to achieve wellness for a lifetime.

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