Workplace Wellness Retreats

Let us plan your next not-so-corporate retreat…

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Step out of the office, destress, refocus and reinvigorate your team with a tailor-made workplace wellness adventure with benefits that will last well beyond your time with us.

Taking Care

Evolve Retreat Co. is pleased to offer forward-thinking firms the opportunity to increase the health, wellness and job satisfaction of their employees. From stress management workshops to nutritional guidance, from relaxing massage to invigorating mountain hikes, Evolve Retreat Co. helps you take essential care of your most important asset – your employees.

Tailor-Made, Made Easy

We will work with you to design a retreat experience that will give the hard-working people you depend on a new path to lifelong wellness, with delicious clean cuisine, fresh mountain air, luxurious accommodations, personal training, insightful and relevant workshops and seminars, and the sense of accomplishment and wellbeing that comes from pushing their physical limits.

Retreat Options

Our corporate retreats are 100% customizable and can include any or all of the following:

  • Gourmet clean eating for all meals, snacks, refreshers and teas
  • Interactive cooking demonstrations and nutrition workshops
  • Spa Treatments
  • Nordic Spa experience
  • Lifestyle Mentoring: health & lifestyle consultations, physician led sleep therapy and stress management seminars
  • Group fitness, one-to-one fitness, yoga, meditation and meditation sessions
  • Adventures and activities: Guided hikes, paddling, horseback riding, golf, biking, mountain climbing, snowshoeing, skiing

Why Wellness Matters

Studies worldwide have shown that many (and often a majority of) employees regard their company’s team-building experiences with apathy or even resentment. When you work with Evolve Retreat Co., you’ll give your people a rare opportunity to do something beautiful for themselves, memories they will cherish, and tools they can use to improve their lives well into the future. We can’t imagine a better way to build a strong and enthusiastic team.

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